What’s new

Year 2021


We implemented and open-sourced the BGV scheme on top of Microsoft SEAL library, check repo and news.

Year 2020


Paper Pegasus: bridging polynomial and Non-polynomial evaluations in Homomorphic Encryption accepted by S&P2021.

We got the second place in Track I of iDASH2020 secure genome analysis competition.


Paper Improving Utility and Security of the Shuffler-based Differential Privacy accepted by VLDB2021.

Paper “Faster Secure Multiparty Computation of Adaptive Gradient Descent” accepted by the PPMLP workshop in Conjunction with CCS2020.

Paper hPRESS: A Hardware-enhanced Proxy Re-encryption Scheme using Secure Enclave accepted by IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems (TCAD).


Giving a talk about Federated learning and Secure Multi-party Computation in ISC2020.


Paper Privacy-preserving collaborative machine learning on genomic data using TensorFlow accepted to the Trustworthy ML Workshop co-located with ICLR 2020. Update: We received the best paper award !


Paper “Secure Social Recommendation based on Secret Sharing” accepted by ECAI2020.

Paper “HomoPAI: A Secure Collaborative Machine Learning Platform based on Homomorphic Encryption” accepted by ICDE2020 demo track. Watch the demo video on 优酷 or YouTube.

Year 2019


We are named the first place in Track IV of iDASH2019 secure genome analysis competition.

We have open-sourced our competition code to TF-Encrypted and received their official acknowledgements !

Attended NeurIPS2019.


Invited as panelist to 2019 Westlake International Forum on Cyber Security Research.

Joined MPC Alliance.


Short paper Quantification of the Leakage in Federated Learning accepted by the Workshop on Federated Learning for Data Privacy and Confidentiality in Conjunction with NeurIPS 2019 (FL-NeurIPS-19).

Paper DPSAaS: Multi-Dimensional Data Sharing and Analytics as Services under Local Differential Privacy accepted by VLDB2019 demo track.


Established working group P2842 - Recommended Practice for Secure Multi-party Computation in IEEE Standards Association.

Established working group Technical framework and application for secure multi-party computation in ITU-T.


Attended the 4th Standards Meeting.

Attended USENIX Sec’2019.


Paper Answering multi-dimensional analytical queries under local differential privacy accepted by SIGMOD2019.


Paper Covert Security with Public Verifiability: Faster, Leaner, and Simpler accepted by EUROCRYPT2019.

Year 2018


Invited as panelist to 2018 Westlake International Forum on Cyber Security Research .


Attended ACM CCS 2018.


Attended TPMPC2018.

Witnessed the inaugural ceremony of the AZFT Cyberspace Security Lab.

Year 2017


Attended ACM CCS 2017.